What is Neuroeducation?

Neuroeducation is the application of the brain science to education. For example improved brain imaging techniques allow us to see how different activities can promote learning by stimulating the brain to increase connectivity causing it to function more effectively and efficiently.

Is Brain Training new?

Brain Training is as old as the brain itself. What is new is the discovery that the brain can be stimulated to grow and develop at any stage of life. This is called neuroplasticity. The 30-year-old science of neuroplasticity has been harnessed by hundreds of scientists, inventors, therapists and educators who have collectively provided the evidence-based and medically endorsed technologies that Maxi Mind uses to coach its clients to optimum mental performance.

How does Maxi Mind brain training work?

Brain fitness is like physical fitness. You need to exercise the brain to achieve peak performance. Maxi Mind exercisesTM employ a variety of sensory integration and feedback methods to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information processing throughout the brain. Experienced coaches guide clients through the exercises and support them through the Brain Training process building new neural networks which will be sustained in the long term. Click to learn more about brain training and our the unique Maxi Mind ProgramTM

Why not just take up hobbies that exercise the brain like chess or sudoku?

Hobbies like chess or Sudoku are excellent ways to boost logical thinking and problem solving skills. However they don’t remediate wandering attention, nor do they foster calm focused brain functioning outside of the game context. Our activities are designed to not only enhance the brains ability for cognition; it also creates lasting results in the areas of focus, attention, speech, and mood. These skills cannot be achieved without an integrated brain training program.

Can Maxi Mind brain training be used instead of Ritalin, Concerta or Adderall?

Drugs such as methylphenidate (Ritalin), dextroamphetamine, pemoline, atomexatine, and combinations thereof (Adderall) have their advantages but their effects are artificial, short-lived and burdened with unpleasant side effects. Maxi Mind brain exercisesTM, on the other hand, work on a self-healing principle so improvements are lasting and without side effects.

What if we already are using meds?

If you are already using prescription medications like the above, you should not cut them out without medical consultation. You can safely use Maxi Mind brain trainingTM as a complementary treatment. Once you are confident that you are seeing positive and lasting benefits from brain training, you can discuss decreasing or eliminating drug dependence with your doctor, and then act accordingly.

Is Brain Training only for kids?

Brain Training works for all ages. Scientific studies have shown that a brain training course can turn the clock back 10 years on cognitive decline in seniors. Insurance companies promote brain training for drivers because they found that it slashes automobile crash risk in half.

For more information click for teenagers program or our adult program

What if I don’t have a learning disability?

Thousands of high functioning professionals use Brain Training to stay ahead of the game. Our clients actually use the same Brain Training protocols that NASA astronauts and pilots use to stay focused during high risk, low stimulus flight conditions. Brain Training clients include:

  • Professional sports teams
  • Nuclear power station administrators
  • And top executives in large corporations

If you are looking to get an edge that will help you maximize your cognitive results then brain training is for you.

How do I start?

Simply fill in our form or call (416) 858-9868 to connect with one of our specialists to discuss your situation. We will work with you to develop a personalized Brain Training Course that meets your needs, accommodates your schedule, and fits your budget.

Where do the sessions take place?

Generally sessions take place in the home-office of one of our certified Maxi Mind TherapistsTM, with locations currently in Thornhill and North York. We can also run programs in your school or workplace.

Do I have to commit to finishing the whole course?

Sessions are prepaid on a monthly basis. If you need to withdraw for any reason, you will not be charged for subsequent months. Alternatively we can credit your account for future use.

How much does a Maxi Mind Brain Training Course cost?

Hour for hour, the cost of Maxi Mind training is comparable to what you would pay for music lessons or a good tutor. Exact costs vary depending on the needs of the client. Call us for a quote. Also, one can recover some or even all of the costs through health insurance, tax benefits, or even subsidies.

How can I recover the cost of a Maxi Mind courseTM through insurance?

All Maxi Mind courses are under the guidance and supervision of one of our registered psychologists. These courses include our family dynamics program which involves all family members. To address this need, Maxi Mind is affiliated with various children’s charities that raise funds to subsidize the cost of this much needed therapy. Contact us for subsidy program details.

What if we need these services but cannot afford them?

To address this need, Maxi Mind is affiliated with various children’s charities that raise funds to subsidize the cost of this much needed therapy. Contact us for subsidy program details.

How long will it take to see results?

Many clients notice improvement right from the first few sessions. Many scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals report lasting, measurable improvements within 10 hours of training.

After a complete Brain Training Course over 90% of our clients enjoy lasting improvements in the ability to learn, focus and achieve.