Parenting Podcast

Overcoming Challenges Children with
ADHD Face Transitioning Back to School 

An Interview with Special Ed Assistant and Brain Training Coach Caitlin Stewart

Caitlin is a Special Education Assistant with the Toronto District School Board and a Brain Training Coach with Maxi Mind Learning.  She also earned a degree in Psychology from Queen’s University. She has extensive experience in teaching and coaching children both in group settings as well as one to one. She has also worked with at-risk youth during her career. Caitlin believes in a hands on approach to education and that every child has unique talents and skills which are waiting to be unlocked so that they can reach their full potential.

In our lively conversation we take a look back at the previous school year, discuss the summer that followed it and look ahead to the school year that is coming up. Caitlin shares the social, emotional and academic challenges that were posed to children during this unprecedented time, as well as the simple practical steps that you can take as a parent to make the school year ahead simpler and easier for you and your children. She also recounts some great stories about children she’s interacted with during her career that have motivated and inspired her as well as how she motivated and inspired them, so that you can adopt some of her unique ideas.

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