Maxi Mind – The Team

Coaching is the key to our success. Each child gets a dedicated personal trainer, a brain training coach, who guides them on the performance of all the exercises and activities.

Maxi Mind Coaches are selected because they are friendly, capable and smart. They all have had advanced education, vulnerable sector clearance, and solid work experience with children before coming to work at Maxi Mind. They spend months learning and mastering Maxi Mind’s methods before earning our certification and working with clients.

So whether that coach is Alana, Anastasia, Anna, Eva, Georgina, Gila, Gunjan, Kelly, Manjeet, Rula, Ruth, Sandra, Sarah, or Susan, you are getting the very same standard of excellence for your child.

Directing this coaching-for-excellence team is Maxi Mind’s founder, Educational Director and CEO, Dr. Arnie Gotfryd, PhD. He has more than 25 years of professional experience in both science and education, having taught every Grade from 5th through college, including creating and running a remedial department of six teachers at a Toronto private school.

Providing valuable advice on an ongoing basis is a world class professional network of educators, scientists, and doctors, including psychologist and educator Dr. Rohn Kessler, PhD, and neuropsychiatrist Dr. Ron Minson, MD.

Managing the back office from A to Z is Moshe, Director of Operations.

Dedicated to creating an excellent customer experience is Customer Relations Coordinator Chaya.

Supporting our clients with session scheduling is Leah, our Client Scheduling and Family Dynamics Coordinator.

We work with a team of clinical psychologists and psychotherapists who support our clients with a Family Dynamics Program that allows them to optimize their cost recovery through insurance.