Maxi Mind – The Team

Half of our ‘magic’ is in the technology; the other half is in the coaching. Each child gets a dedicated personal trainer, a Brain Training Coach, who guides them on the performance of all the exercises and activities.

Maxi Mind Neuro-Educational Therapists (Brain Training Coaches) are picked from the top 1% of qualified applicants because they are friendly, capable and smart; firm, kind and absolutely dedicated to helping struggling kids. They all have had advanced education, vulnerable sector clearance, and solid work experience with children before coming to work at Maxi Mind. They spend months learning and mastering the Maxi Mind methodology before earning our certification and working with clients.

So wherever your coach is located in the GTA, and whoever that coach is, be it Anna, Beverly, Caitlyn, Cindy, Dani, Eva, Gila, Iva, Lakshmi, Manjeet, Mumtaz, Ruth, Sandra, or Susan, you are getting the very same standard of excellence for your child. 

Each family is assigned a Case Manager at head office, your go-to person for all things Maxi Mind, and who is responsible for coordinating your journey from the time you register until you’ve had your post-course outtake meeting. Sholom Ross, and Nathan Pillai serve as Case Managers.  

Our Brain Training Courses consist of Cognitive Training Sessions under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Leon Steiner, PsyD, Clin.Psych, our Clinical Psychologist.

Behind every great program there’s a great administrative team. Leah Gotfryd manages coach assignment and course scheduling.  And Moshe Gotfryd juggles the roles of CAO, CTO and COO. 

Directing Maxi Mind Learning is its founder, Educational Director and CEO, Dr. Arnie Gotfryd, HonBSc, PhD. He has more than 25 years of professional experience in both science and education, having taught every Grade from 5th through college, including creating and running a remedial department of six teachers at a Toronto private school. Beyond all that is his experience as a parent of children with special needs, the impetus behind the creation of the Maxi Mind methodology.