Brain Boosting Activities for Kids with ADHD, Autism or Learning Disabilities

 The following are a list of some great brain boosting activities for your child to try out.

Juggling 3 Balls

(or bean bags or hackeysacks or tangerines): Believe it or not, this is very powerful brain training.  Watch this great video that can teach your child juggling step by step.

Wobble Board

This is a fun activity that develops balance and fine motor skills.  The less expensive ones are generally just as good as the $80 ones. Let your kid experiment on it. Now if he can get to the point where he can juggle three balls while standing on it then he’s ready for the next level – a unicycle!

wobble board

Superbrain Yoga

This medically endorsed movement routine has been shown to help learning disabled children, cognitively impaired seniors and college students looking for higher marks.

Standing Blindfolded

When done regularly for up to 20 minutes, this simple activity has been proven to be as effective as the most advanced technology for correcting vertigo and restoring the sense of balance, which in turn provides a boost for mental and emotional stability as well. Then try walking (safely!)

Book On Your Head

A hundred years ago, this was a ‘finishing school’ must – but in the light of recent neuroeducational discoveries, walking around with a book on your head helps you get the contents into your head as well 😊

Fine Motor and Coordination

We have documented over 150 activities you can do at home for hand strengthening, enhancing pincer grasp, body and shoulder stability, dexterity and bilateral coordination. Most are for younger children but many are also suitable for older kids and adults. Useful for learning and life skills.

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The Maxi Mind Brain Training Program™

Learn more about the Maxi Mind Brain Training™ Program and discover how it provides a natural treatment for ADHD, and also helps children with Autism, or provides a learning skills boost for kids that need some extra help.