Helping Children with Learning Disabilities in Toronto

How Smart Parents Provide the Edge for Their Child’s Success

learningskillsboost_img1Your child’s success at school is a powerful indicator of his success later in life.  If you have a child that is struggling in a Toronto school, it could be caused by a learning disability.  A learning disability is not a life sentence.  It’s possible to proactively provide your child with the tools necessary to not just overcome his learning disability, but to excel in learning.

Maxi Mind Brain Training ProgramTM  Gives Your Child That Edge.

Our local Toronto program can deliver lasting improvements in all major academic areas in as little as eight weeks. The reason why it is so effective is that it stimulates growth and development throughout the cortex and the cerebellum, key parts of the brain responsible for learning. This results in faster and more accurate processing of information. And processing is the key to success.

What Our Program Achieves

After a Maxi Mind Brain Training ProgramTM over 90% of children improve their ability to focus, learning and control their behaviour, because they have strengthened connections throughout their brain.

  • Better connections in the frontal lobes boost attention and executive functions.
  • Better connections in the parietal lobe boost grammar and math skills.
  • Better connections between hemispheres improve reading and writing.
  • Better connections in the cerebellum help automate learning skills and free up mental energy for comprehension and problem solving.

Improved connectivity means that listening, reading, and taking notes become easier. Not only does he become much more successful at school, these results spill over into the home and his social life as well.

Getting Started in Our Program

The first step is to share your story in the form below. We will call you to follow up.  Within 15 minutes on the phone, we will get a clear picture of how we can help, and what would be involved on your part to get this life-changing boost in focusing, learning and self-control for your child.

Discover how you can help unlock your child’s potential

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As a health professional and counselor who works with children but more importantly as a mother with two daughters and a son who went through your program, I give my full endorsement to the Maxi Mind program.

Ora Stebben RHN, NNCP Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Maxi Mind Mother