5 Reasons You Should Restrict Your Children’s Sugar Intake

For years, Mary Poppins has been telling children that “just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”. However, if our kids ate less sugar in their diets, there is a good chance they wouldn’t need that medicine in the first place!

For years, sugar has been touted as a “natural” product. Of course, this helps put us in the mindset that anything natural can’t hurt us. But the truth is, consuming too much sugar can lead to … Full Article

How Cross-Curricular Learning Can Teach Your Child So Much More

How Cross-Curricular Learning Can Teach Your Child So Much More

Unlike in the past when school subjects were taught independent of each other, there are now learning institutions and instructors that promote cross-curricular learning. It’s a teaching method where new information is taught in the context of other facts.

Teacher Magazine explained that using this technique means there’s less need to run through the same lessons with their students that they have already learned elsewhere. This effectively transfers the burden … Full Article

Brain Connectivity and Autism

Parents of children on the autism spectrum often have one, deep, agonizing, underlying question: Why? Scientists are struggling with the same question, but the good news is that increasingly, there are answers.

In recent years, many studies have been conducted examining the brain functioning and neural connections in people on the autism spectrum.  These studies use MRI’s to analyze the brain’s connections and circuits to try and determine the causes and possible solutions to helping those with autism. 

“Dr. Kennedy Full Article

Maxi Mind Learning – Drug Free ADHD Treatment

Maxi Mind Learning – Brain Training for Success

Maxi Mind Learning provides Brain Training Courses which are a drug-free solution for focus, learning and self-regulation problems. Each course is customized and personalized in one-on-one sessions with a Maxi Mind trained and certified neuro-educational therapist – a brain training coach.

Each session consists of a unique blend of Sensory Integration Exercises, Engineered Listening, and Computerized Focus Training. The activities are fun for the child, yet powerful for his brain development. And … Full Article

When Tutoring is Ineffective and What to do About it.

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What do you do when your child keeps falling behind in school?

For most parents, Private tutoring services are the first line of defense for helping the chronically struggling student. In fact upwards of one third of Canadian parents have used tutors to try and bridge that gap.

The 3 main benefits of a tutor are:

  1. They work at your child’s pace.
  2. They give your child personal, one on one attention.
  3. They can focus on specific learning challenges.

We like … Full Article

Television: The Focus Killer

Kids watching TV

By Revi Mula

Mom, Wife, Designer, Opinionated Blogger, and Maxi Mind client.


I was one of those pregnant women.  You know, the one who spent nine months reading all the books and magazines and become a preacher.

“I am not letting my kids watch television at all for the first year.”

“Those fast-moving videos are not good for kids. I am not letting my kids watch. It will give them ADD.”

“Television is not a babysitter.”

I had twins. … Full Article