In response to the ongoing Covid-19 threat, we at Maxi Mind Learning have established policies and procedures to keep our clients and staff healthy and safe, while maintaining our well-earned reputation for good and great outcomes for children with a wide variety of learning challenges.

We currently have two streams of service available for struggling children:

  1. Maxi Mind Learning Program – You bring your child to a Maxi Mind therapist’s home-office for a 50-minute session, two or three times a week for several months. They work in person, one-on-one as always but with sanitization of equipment between clients, as much social distancing as feasible, and implementation of PPE as mutually agreed between Coach and Client. Clients and Coaches establish standards together and keep in touch to ensure optimum health and safety.
  2. Remote Home Support Program (RHSP) – This option was developed for children who cannot attend an in-person Maxi Mind Learning Program, for whatever reason. Clients book blocks of four one-on-one Zoom sessions, during which the Coach guides the child (and often the parent) in the performance of brain-stimulating, physical activities. Parents can also use the RHSP sessions for getting help with parenting strategies. Families are encouraged to practice the exercises and strategies between sessions as well.

You can sign up for our in-person Maxi Mind Learning Program, RHSP, or both. Fill the contact form below to get all your questions answered, and to explore the best option for your child and family. We will be in touch promptly.