Here at Maxi Mind Learning we have been closely monitoring the developing impact of the COVID-19 virus and its impact across the GTA.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who have been impacted, whether through illness, loss, separation from loved ones, or financial hardship.

While many are choosing self-isolation so that we can get through these difficult times minimizing the damage done, we are making our best efforts to remain open while protecting all parties.  We have chosen to do this because, for children with ADHD, this “break” from school will make it even harder for them to catch up to grade level when this is over. For these children, their involvement in the Maxi Mind program can not only help maintain the learning that they’ve achieved so far this school year but will allow them to continue to learn and develop.

We would like to update you on the safety measures we have implemented, as well as the incomparably high health and safety standards our program has in comparison to any other intervention that helps kids improve their focus, learning and behaviour.

  1. Maxi Mind Learning is a one-on-one intervention. Exposure is limited because each child is assigned one educator only throughout their Brain Training Course.
  2. Maxi Mind Coaches work out of their own home office, not out of a mall or office building. Thus your child is not exposed to the germs of the many random people who frequent malls or office buildings.
  3. The exercise and computer equipment your child uses are sanitized by the Coach before and after each use.
  4. Each child washes their hands with soap and water thoroughly before engaging in the activities.
  5. All Maxi Mind Coaches and Clients are committed to scrupulously following our health and safety policies
    A) Sessions are suspended if the child or coach are sick, especially with flu-like symptoms.
    B) Medical screening and immediate mutual notification if the coach or child develops flu-like symptoms.
    C) No sessions and 14-days self-isolation following international travel or exposure to COVID-19.
  6. Special precautions and high health and safety standards at head office as well:
    A) Office staff practice social distancing and work remotely except when needed for in-person family interviews
    B) Office consultations only occur when both staff and client attest they are non-symptomatic and not subject to self-isolation.
    C) Clients and Office staff practice social distancing and sanitization protocols during in-office consultations.

Between the virus and school strikes, this academic year has been largely wasted for close to a million children in the Greater Toronto Area. But it’s not too late. Children who complete a Maxi Mind Brain Training Course this spring or summer will be best prepared to start the new school year with the best focusing, learning and self-regulation skills they’ve ever had.

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