With school winding down, as a parent you may be wondering what you can do over the summer to give your children a boost.

After a full ten months of school anything school related in all likelihood will get a thumbs down from them.

With this being the case, let’s take a look at a non school related specific aspect for you to focus on with your children during July and August.

To introduce it as well as show you how you can simply and easily take advantage of it, let’s talk about food colouring.

Yes, that’s right, that coloured liquid you add to things to change its colour.

When I was in camp as a child the following episode occurred.

One night a group of counsellors decided to have some fun.

They took some red food colouring and poured it into the swimming pool.

When we woke up in the morning the entire pool was bright red.

We all thought it was really funny, however the administration didn’t find it all that humorous.

The pool needed to be drained, cleaned and refilled which left the pool unusable for a couple of days.

Here’s an interesting fun fact about this food colouring incident.

You would think that in order to turn an entire swimming pool red it would have taken gallons and gallons of food colouring.

However, actually it didn’t take very much at all.

Upon pouring a relatively small amount into the pool it quickly spread across the water and the entire pool turned red in a flash.

What does all this have to do with that aspect you can focus on with your children over the summer which I alluded to earlier?

Here’s the connection.

The summer is a great time to focus on boosting your children’s self-confidence.

The thing about self-confidence is that it’s kind of like pouring a little bit of food colouring in a whole lot of water.

Self-confidence in one area has the unique ability to wash over and spread into other areas which are seemingly unrelated to it.

What does boosting self-confidence in an activity or a sport have to do with boosting a child’s self-confidence when it comes to academics?

On paper it should have no connection at all but guess what, in reality it does.

With this in mind here’s what you can do over the summer to activate this self-confidence boost for your children.

Together with them choose an activity that they are interested in and encourage them to devote some time to it over the summer.

When it comes to the ADHD child, they often have a unique ability to focus on something they truly enjoy in a heightened way which can serve them really well when it comes to their chosen summer activity.

Whether it’s painting, playing an instrument or shooting hoops to name but a few, they can spend some of the extra time the summer typically affords to further improve or even excel in their chosen area.

In addition to having fun doing something they enjoy, improving at it will also boost their self-confidence.

Once boosted, this new level of self-confidence will begin to spread like food colouring over water into other areas of their life as well.

By undertaking this rather simple task to help boost your children’s self-confidence over the summer, you will be doing something meaningful and productive for your children during these months.

The best part of all this is that you’ll be hiding it in plain sight.

It won’t involve any reading, writing, math or homework where they might say, “I’m not in the mood of doing that.”

It’ll just be them choosing on their own, with a bit of encouragement on your part, to partake in an activity that they already really like to do.

The end result of all this is that it will boost their self-confidence, not just in their chosen area but overall as well.

Focusing to boost your children’s self-confidence over the summer can turn what will hopefully be at the very least a very good summer for you and your children into an absolutely great one.

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