A Natural ADHD Treatment that is Doctor and Mother Approved

There are plenty of different ways of dealing with ADHD, but one stands out because it takes away symptoms by strengthening connections in the brain. It’s medically endorsed, the improvements are lifelong, there’s no pill to take and it’s fun for kids. Sound interesting? Of course! But first let’s get a perspective.

Treating ADHD in Children

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder is becoming increasingly prevalent in our society and has the biggest impact on our children.  Parents need answers and can spend countless hours researching  ADHD and treatment options so that they can help  their son or daughter in the best way possible.

There are literally hundreds of products and services out there, but most can be categorized as follows:

Medical Treatment The most popular approach to treating ADHD is medical, and 99.9% of the time that means drugs.  Stimulants are the most commonly prescribed.  For many, they improve attention span, self-control, behaviour, and social functioning.  While it is nice to get these benefits, there are annoying and sometimes life-threatening side effects. They also leave the underlying causes unaddressed. Prescription medications just provide a chemical “bandaid” to cover the symptoms.

Dietary Treatment –  Increasingly, parents seek wellness alternatives to standard drug therapy, and high on the list is dietary change, both the “do’s” and the “don’ts”. A lot is known about food colourings and their contribution to ADHD symptoms. Other dietary culprits include sugary drinks and in some cases, gluten. Some promising research backs the use of fish oil, evening primrose oil, and zinc against ADHD symptoms. Melatonin is used to help them sleep. Nutritional tweaks like these are important for taking  the edge off of symptoms but are rarely game changers for the ADHD child.

Educational Treatment – To some extent, Special Ed services are provided in the schools but often parents need to supplement with tutors or an after-school learning centre. These programs are effective because with one-on-one help and without the distractions of the classroom, ADHD kids can usually focus and learn.  The problems with this approach are that the child gets stigmatized and also never really learns to focus in regular school and life situations.

Behavioural Treatment –ADHD is defined by behaviour. That’s why many psychologists try to treat it using behavioural methods, such as behavioural modification, parent training, school interventions, and cognitive behavioural therapy. These methods can be very helpful but don’t address the main problem which is more neurological than it is psychological. We need treatments that can strengthen the key connections in the brain that improve attention and self-regulation.

An Effective Drug Free Treatment to ADHD

Rather than relying on drugs and chemicals to help the brain perform, Maxi Mind deals with ADHD at the source, in the brain itself.  By using an activity-based approach that strengthens connections in the brain, specifically in the areas responsible for attention, language, learning, emotional control and social behavior, positive results are achieved and the need for medication can be reduced or eliminated altogether.

The Maxi Mind ProgramTM for Success

Maxi Mind Brain Training™ capitalizes on the new science of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change itself, in order to effectively address the root causes of ADHD.

The Maxi Mind experience is a customized course of one-on-one sessions with a Maxi Mind trained and certified neuro-educational therapist – a brain training coach.

Each session consists of a unique blend of Sensory Integration Exercises, Engineered Listening, and Computerized Focus Training. The activities are fun for the child, yet powerful for his/her brain development.   And the results speak for themselves.

  • Improved Attention & Better Concentration
  • Increase in Working Memory and Recall
  • Faster Reading and Writing Skills
  • Smoother Executive Functions
  • Healthier Emotional Regulation
  • Enhanced Social Skills

With better skills, children become happier and more successful in all areas of life. Instead of falling farther and farther behind, their lives can completely turnaround.

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At least two thirds of ADHD children grow into ADHD adults and by then the problems multiply.

Why risk higher rates of delinquency, substance abuse, car accidents, and problems at work and at home? You have a chance to prevent it all now!

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As a health professional and counselor who works with children but more importantly as a mother with two daughters and a son who went through your program, I give my full endorsement to the Maxi Mind program.

Ora Stebben RHN, NNCP Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Maxi Mind Mother