The Maxi Mind Brain Training SystemTM

Maxi Mind Brain Training Programs™ are made up of one-on-one sessions delivered by a Maxi Mind certified neuroeducational therapist, or brain training coach. The coach guides your child on the performance of specialized exercises and activities that strengthen connections in the brain, which in turn improves mental performance and drives up achievement.

Each Maxi Mind experience follows this 3-step formula – Assessment, Design and Delivery.


Assessment helps us attune the Maxi Mind ProgramTM to your child’s specific needs.



Our basic assessment includes:

  • A thorough conversation about the child with one or both parents,
  • Detailed rating forms that parents complete,
  • Report cards and any medical or psychological reports


Our enhanced assessment also includes:

  • Academic skills including reading, writing, spelling and math.
  • Cognitive skills including attention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, processing speed, and executive functions

Program Design

Each Program is individually customized based on the data collected at the assessment stage and client goals and preferences. These customizations include:

  • The total number of sessions in the program,
  • The frequency of sessions,
  • The location and timing of the sessions,
  • The specific music, exercise and focus training protocols,
  • Any cognitive, fine motor or other supplemental activities.

Program Delivery

In each session, your child will enjoy a blend of three kinds of activities, each with its own therapeutic advantage. Each activity is scientifically developed, medically endorsed and fun for kids to do. A certified coach is your child’s personal trainer and a registered psychologist provides guidance and supervision.

Sensory Integration Exercises

Expert teams of occupational therapists, physiologists and educators have developed the exercise sets that we use – activities which have been clinically shown to improve focusing and academic skills. These exercises provide a whole brain workout, simultaneously combining:

  • Balance
  • Tactile stimulation
  • Motor Planning
  • Auditory Processing
  • Visual Tracking
  • Cognition


 Engineered Listening

Engineered Listening

Mental performance depends heavily on how well the brain processes sound input. The leading provider of auditory processing materials and methods is a company called Integrated Listening Systems. All our coaches are iLs-certified. Clients listen to individualized selections of specially filtered classical music through bone-conduction headphones. By performing the specialized physical activities while listening to this music we create a synergy that boosts brain processing and stabilizes mood.

Mastering Focus

Mastering Focus

Imagine controlling computer games without a keyboard or mouse – just with your mind. That’s what Maxi Mind clients do with Play Attention and other technologies. Developed by NASA and adapted by educators, these computerized game systems train the brain to remain focused and alert while developing the skills that underlie all classroom learning.



Time Magazine  Nov 14, 2011

Maxi Mind is using the same tools as outlined in the above article as being used by NASA and now Ontario Power Generation (OPG).


Coaching for Excellence

Only half the magic is in the technology. The other half is in the coaching. Maxi Mind coaches are selected for their skill and experience working with youth and certified as Special Educational Assistants and Neuroeducational Therapists. To achieve certification, coaches have to pass a three-month Maxi Mind CourseTM involving intensive study, practice and training on all the technologies. They are also trained in the art of Coaching so they can bring the best out of each student.

Insured Services

Insured Services

Each Maxi Mind ProgramTM is delivered under the direct guidance and supervision of a registered clinical psychologist, who meets parents and works with your child’s coach and other team members to ensure the quality of each child’s cognitive training. The result is a direct benefit for clients that have health coverage that includes psychological services.