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“What if I Could Always Feel Like a Superhero?”

It’s here!! After one of the coldest winters on record, we can finally get outside for some fresh air, exercise and to smell the blooms. Spring has sprung in ...

Big businesses are banking on brain benefits for employees.

The Mind Business
By David Gelles
August 24, 2012

“It’s about training our minds to be more focused, to see with clarity, to have spaci...

Intense Prep for Law School Admission Test Alters Brain Structure

The brains of college students were imaged before and after three months of reasoning training in preparation for writing entrance exams for Law School. Comp...

Brain Imaging Can Predict How Intelligent You Are:

ScienceDaily (Aug. 1, 2012) — When it comes to intelligence, what factors distinguish
the brains of exceptionally smart humans from those of avera...

Maxi Mind Press Release

New Alternative Therapy Reverses Attention Deficits Without Medication

Playing Away ADHD – One Child at a Time

THORNHILL, ON, Jan. 10...