Focus Through Fun Therapy

For South Florida Jewish Children

Welcome to Maxi Mind! Do you have a child struggling to succeed in Cheder, LEC or LHA? Are you interested in options for helping that child get better focus, learning, and self-regulation skills?

If yes, then this page was made for you! Watch the video, fill the form, let’s talk.. And let’s see how Maxi Mind Learning may be a fit for your child.

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of Canadian children and now we are in our second successful year helping South Florida Jewish children through our proven, focus-through-fun methodology.

Here is some sample feedback from last year:

I would be very happy to help with scheduling the times with the teacher and Maxi Mind... I wish you much hatzlacha. ... Principal, re Year 2 I see a very marked change in maturity and attitude since Maxi Mind. Now he's really thriving in class. ... Teacher He's much less sensory, his speech is better, his comprehension is much more, he has fewer meltdowns, and he's more conscientious. ... Parent He's getting perfect and near perfect marks on almost every test. We'd never seen that before... He loves going to sessions and he feels better about himself, probably because he can do so much more. We are really glad they allowed the program into our school. ... Parent

(Please Note: Maxi Mind is not affiliated with Cheder Chabad, LEC, or LHA. Maxi Mind is an independent organization providing services at these premises.)

I look forward to connecting with you.
Bracha v’hatzlacha,

Aryeh (Arnie) Gotfryd, PhD
Educational Director & CEO
Maxi Mind Learning
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