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Minds Away From ADHD with NASA Developed Technology

York Region Living News Feature
Added December 2012

Drug-Free Fix For ADHD

Maxi Mind Makes Brain Waves In China – CNC report from Toronto
Added On November 9, 2012

Alternative Treatments to ADHD

The Jerry Agar Show · 10/10/2012 (click here)

Hear Jerry speak to Dr. Arnie Gotfryd about alternative measures to treating ADHD other than prescription medication.

 (Formerly Thornhill Liberal) – May 28, 2011 (click here)
(front page, left column), and continued on Page 2.

Globe and Mail – Jan. 10, 2012 (click here) – New Alternative Therapy Reverses Attention( Deficits Without Medication

(Formerly Thornhill Liberal) – August 7, 2010 (click here)

Shalom Toronto – February 2, 2012 (click here)

Maxi Mind TV News Feature
Rogers Television coverage – air date Nov. 25, 2011.

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