What Colour Is Your Child’s ADHD?

Simply knowing your child has ADHD is not enough to help them.

That’s why we created the ADHD Colour Profile. It’s a fresh approach to understanding your child and how to help them based on their ADHD Colour Profile.

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Free ADHD Colour’s Personality Quiz Online

An ADHD diagnosis is useful that it informs you that your child has ADHD, however not every child with attention and focus challenges are the same.  This is why we created the ADHD Colour Quiz to help you identify the flavours of the diagnosis that pertains to your child.  With this information, you are then better equipped to help them move beyond their diagnosis and become successful in school, at home, and in life.

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that has been clinically observed for a very long time. It always begins in childhood and can continue to affect the individual throughout their lifetime. If not properly dealt with, the child will typically struggle in school, in social situations and in the home environment.  ADHD makes it difficult for children to self-regulate emotionally and behaviourally, stay on task, filter distractions, and plan and execute daily tasks in an appropriate manner.  If the child falls behind in school, it makes it harder for them to catch up often resulting in delinquent behaviour. This is why it’s critical to not just do nothing and wait for them to grow out of it, instead practical treatments like Maxi Mind Learning can help children learn to focus and overcome the challenge of ADHD.

How is ADHD Diagnosed and Treated?

The whole concept of diagnosing ADHD is being widely challenged these days. Many believe that doctors overdiagnose this disorder and that it is not as serious as they claim it is.  Some experts even advocate removing it as a medical condition altogether since it is not a disease but rather a set of behaviours based on how the brain is ‘wired’.

Whether or not you believe in the diagnosing process, if your child is struggling to focus in school and is falling behind then it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Often the medical community chooses to treating ADHD with drugs, this is typically unnecessary. In most cases, the disorder can be effectively managed through drug-free neuro-developmental activities.  These treatments not only help your child, they also avoid the negative side effects that are caused by medication.

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