New Client Email

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  • Maxi Mind Client Onboarding Information

    [Coach’s name] Home - Office

    I look forward to meeting you and would be very pleased if you stay for the first session so that I can familiarize you with the program and answer any questions you might have.

    Please make sure your child is dressed comfortably and is wearing socks to make it easier to stand on the balance board and do exercises.

    Location/Contact Information

    My address: [write address]

    [Please give specific instructions]

    • If you live in a condo/apartment building with security write info about what to tell security. Also include your unit and buzzer number.
    • Write which door a client should use if different than the front one (ie.Enter through the side door on the left)
  • Arrival and Departure Information

    Being that I will often be working with another child before and/or after your child's sessions, please make sure to drop your child off on time, just before the start of the session. Likewise at the end of the session, please make sure to pick them up promptly at the end of the session.

    I am ready for your child when my grey door is open.

    You will know that your child is ready for pick up when my grey door is open.



    1. If you arrive late your child will receive therapy only for the remainder of the allotted time

    2. If someone besides yourself is going to pick up your child please provide written information.

    3. Thank you for picking up your child on time. This will give me the opportunity to discuss your child’s session with you and then be ready for my next client.


    Maxi Mind’s Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

    Maxi Mind requires 24 hours notice for cancellations. For more detailed information please refer to the information given to you by the Maxi Mind head office.

    To cancel: Please text me.

  • Maxi Mind’s Health Guidelines

    Maxi Mind’s Health Guidelines were created so your child will get the maximum benefit from their session as well as to keep all the children as healthy as possible. For more detailed information please refer to the information given to you by the Maxi Mind head office.

    I encourage you to contact me with your questions.