Results: Pilot Project

Maxi Mind Pilot Project in a Thornhill Elementary School.

After seven years of research and development, Maxi Mind opened its doors to the public in the fall of 2010. The Company launched with a Pilot Project at the Shmuel Zahavy Cheder Chabad Elementary School in Thornhill, Ontario.

Twenty children, aged 6 to 13, received Maxi Mind training over a three month period. All of the children had been flagged as needing help with focusing and/or learning skills and many had problems with emotional regulation and/or behaviour as well. About half were officially diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia, LD or Autism; the rest had not been diagnosed.

Each child got 40 sessions of 50 minutes each with a Maxi Mind therapist. They did sensory integration exercises, listened to specially engineered music through bone-conduction headphones, and played cognitive and fine motor games. The protocols used were scientifically developed and are medically endorsed and the therapists were trained and certified on the techniques.

Each child was assessed before and after the course using standard psychoeducational tests of focusing and academic skills.

The results were remarkable.

After Maxi Mind training, these children were objectively able to pay attention for much longer periods of time, whether they were watching for visual cues, auditory cues or both. The attention improvements were statistically significant and the group as a whole went from below average to above average in their ability to pay attention.

Academic performance went way up too. After doing Maxi Mind, these children scored significantly higher in both math and reading comprehension, and the improvement in reading comprehension was actually quite dramatic.

Following Maxi Mind training, students were also able to read and write more quickly and accurately.

The results show very highly significant improvements for Reading Rate. Following training, the average child read about 18 words more per minute than before. Additionally, children read with significantly fewer Errors per Word. There were 37% fewer errors per word.

For writing, the number of Letters Printed per Minute increased to a highly significant degree. After Maxi Mind, the average participant wrote 25% more letters per minute.

The anecdotal improvements were just as impressive as the statistical gains.

Some students actually tripled their reading and writing rates between pre and post tests.

  • A few students went from near the bottom of their class to near the top.
  • Most students noted greater ease copying notes from the board.
  • Many parents noted greater ease completing homework with little or no help.
  • Many parents noted that their children were less moody generally more cheerful.

You can view the complete study here.

See what the school principal had to say about Maxi Mind here.

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As a health professional and counselor who works with children but more importantly as a mother with two daughters and a son who went through your program, I give my full endorsement to the Maxi Mind program.

Ora Stebben RHN, NNCP Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Maxi Mind Mother

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