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So, what happens next? Within one business day (typically) you are going to receive a call from Sarah, our intake coordinator.

Being a mom herself, a great listener, and in touch with all things Maxi Mind, Sarah will hear your story and ask you a few questions about your child. Within 15 minutes, you should both have a pretty good idea of whether Maxi Mind Learning might be a fit for your child’s needs.

If so, you’re going to want to come in and take a closer look and we’d like that, too.  Sarah will book you in for a FREE online consultation with a case manager.

The first thing to know about this FREE consultation is that it’s NOT a sales meeting. True, you will have an opportunity to register, but the meeting is all about your child’s needs and answering your questions.

At this FREE Consultation, we will do a preliminary needs assessment for your child based on intake forms your fill in advance.

We then provide a demo with your child engaging with our technology.  For your child, this is the best part of the visit, as kids love our games and technology.  For you, this gives you a better understanding of our methodology and how the program works. It helps us both determine if this is the right fit and what kind of outcomes you can expect with your child.

We can then determine which of our courses is best in line with your child’s needs, and start exploring which of our coaches and locations may be the best fit for your schedule and your child’s personality.

At the end we will answer any questions that you have. There is no pressure to sign up, but you will have the opportunity to move ahead if you wish.

Before you leave we will give you a welcome folder including a valuable GIFT, Dr. Gotfryd’s 48-page Maxi Mind Learning Guidebook for Families with lots of useful information that can help you for years down the road.