Improving Children’s Mood and Behaviour

Chemical Band-Aids Hurt More Than They Help

Every family has their ups and downs but when there is a child with a mood or behavioural problem, family life can turn into an emotional roller coaster that just won’t stop. Conditions like ADHD, Autism and Learning Disabilities can aggravate and even trigger these problems. The harm this causes to the child, his relationships and his ability to succeed can be serious indeed.

Parents turn to doctors whose first response is to medicate, but that often backfires with a combination of ineffects and side effects that send parents looking elsewhere.

Maxi Mind Can Improve Mood and Behaviour in Children


About 90% of Maxi Mind clients note improved mood and behaviour as a result of our training.

This is no surprise because the same brain that mediates learning also mediates feelings and ultimately it is emotion, rather than intellect, that stimulates us to speak and act.

When mental processes are balanced and regulated, then emotions are balanced and regulated, and the resultant words and actions will be balanced and regulated as well.

How Our Program Works to Improve Mood and Behaviour

The Maxi Mind Brain Training SystemTM targets the prefrontal cortex, where our reasoning and self-control reside, and the limbic system where our emotional reactions are processed.

The ADHD brain is known to have less activity in the prefrontal cortex and also less connectivity to the limbic system. The normal regulatory signals from the cortex don’t properly control the limbic system’s emotional impulses in the ADHD brain. As a result, children and adults with ADHD tend to be more reactive and impulsive.

Behavioural observations following Maxi Mind include:

  • More cheerful
  • Fewer “melt-downs”
  • Less frequent angry outbursts
  • Better at verbalizing feelings
  • Less depressive
  • Less isolated
  • Easier transitions
  • Less demanding
  • Less needy
  • Better team player
  • Less oppositional
  • Higher frustration tolerance
  • Better eye contact
  • More sociable
  • More energetic
  • Less defiant
  • Fewer arguments
  • Fewer physical fights
  • Better decision-making
  • More organized
  • Better planning
  • More considerate

In light of mounting evidence that emotional and social skills are even more important than booksmarts for success and happiness in life, these mood and behavioural benefits of the Maxi Mind Brain Training SystemTM are important to consider.

In School Study

In the Fall of 2010, a Maxi Mind Pilot Project was conducted at ChederChabad, a private elementary school in Thornhill and among the results are behavioural ratings by parents and teachers.

Of the 20 children in that study, 18 had improved mood and behaviour following training. Since that time, positive ratings and comments from parents and teachers and even from the children themselves remain in the 90% range with respect to acknowledging improved emotional and behavioural self-regulation. This rate of improvement has been maintained since then.

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