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Maxi Mind is not just for correcting disorders. It’s also an opportunity for highly competent and successful people to achieve greater mental mastery and unprecedented excellence.

Brain training is used by business executives, professional athletes, actors, pilots, and nuclear power plant personnel – wherever sustained focus, mental clarity and alertness are necessary to do the job right.

Brain Optimization

The human brain is the most sophisticated little lump of matter in the known universe. It carries our thoughts and feelings and coordinates all our bodily functions. It allows us to dream, plan, communicate and do, remember and socialize.

Your brain has about 100,000,000,000 nerve cells and at least 1,000 times as many synapses connecting them all to each other. It accounts for a mere 2% of the body by weight but consumes a whopping 20% of our body’s energy resources.
Yet for all that sophistication and power, our brains fail us all too often. We forget, we mess up, we get distracted, we get stressed, we freak out, we tucker out and it gets worse with age.
Fortunately, all this is manageable and even reversible by applying the principles of brain optimization at work in the Maxi Mind Brain Training SystemTM.

The same process that can boost a client’s memory or concentration from weak to average or even above average, can also transform mental performance from good to excellent. Every successful athlete at the top of their game is always looking to improve. As successful human beings we should also always look for new ways to improve ourselves.

Enhanced Leadership & Success

Our client, Tumbura A*., is a happy and successful businessman, a partner in a Toronto-area food business with $50M in annual sales. As head of operations, he’s got 10 managers and 150 workers that he supervises, plus the myriad production, personal and business issues that are associated with that.

When Tumbura contacted us, he was well liked at work and had an active social life outside. He was healthy, physically fit and had an upbeat personality. But Tumbura was not satisfied. He didn’t just want to be good. He wanted to be great! He wanted to be able to maintain a high level of focus and concentration throughout his long working day. He wanted to be able to quickly and accurately read reports and absorb lots of data. He wanted to master long, complex negotiations and make wise decisions under pressure.

Tumbura is a smart man. He knew that the human brain has almost limitless capacity to grow and develop and he wanted to capitalize on that to become an ever-improving master at his game – business. That’s why he contacted us.

Maxi Mind helped him to achieve that goal and he’s a happier and more successful man for it. – – –
* name changed

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