About Us

Maxi Mind Believes in Kids

Maxi Mind was born from a need – the need of a child to succeed – the founder’s child.

Clever and cuteFor this reason, in 2002, Dr. Arnie Gotfryd, PhD started to research ways and means for boosting focusing and learning skills without medication.
For seven years he researched and developed, and then launched Maxi Mind as a company. Many hundreds of children (and adults) have benefited from Maxi Mind’s unique and effective Brain Training System. But one thing has not changed.

Maxi Mind is still about addressing the need of a single child to succeed. Yours.

The Company

Maxi Mind Learning Centres, Inc. was launched in Dr. Gotfryd’s home-office, then migrated to a strip mall in Thornhill, and is now poetically perched on the second floor of the Improve Canada Mall at 7250 Keele Street in Concord. The company is owned by the founder, Dr. Gotfryd, who serves as Maxi Mind’s Educational Director and CEO. Its operations are supported by a clinical psychologist, case managers, administrators, and a team of approximately 12 neuro-educational specialists (we call them coaches) who work with each child on an individual basis from home office locations around the Greater Toronto Area.

Process Overview

Maxi Mind ADHD Solution The initial consultation is free. At the appointment you will share your story and try the technologies for yourself. Based on data you provide during intake, you will receive a proposal of services.
Following registration, the course is customized, logistics are arranged (with your preferences in mind), and a coach is assigned. Coaches work out of supervised and insured home office locations around the Greater Toronto Area. On average a child attends 2 to 4 times per week for 3 to 6 months.

Maxi Mind Brain Training Courses are comprised of cognitive training sessions provided under the guidance and supervision of our registered clinical psychologist. As such, we are covered by extended health care plans.

Inspiration – A Message from the Director

We’ve all got our heroes – these may be performers, athletes, activists – whatever.

Maxi Mind has its hero as well: The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, to most known simply as “The Rebbe.”
The Rebbe is famous for many things – as a brilliant leader, incomparable advisor, exquisite role model, consummate scholar, prolific author, boundless philanthropist, champion for humanity.

His legendary advice and blessings have helped, without exaggeration, millions. Many even consider him to be the Moshiach (Messiah) and expect him at any moment to miraculously rise up and lead the Jewish people and all of humanity to a utopian era of wellness and sustainability, goodness and kindness, G-dliness revealed.

Yet his primary title, “Rebbe” literally means “my teacher” for the Rebbe is first and foremost an educator who is concerned with the success and character development of each child. Indeed since April 1978, each US President together with Congress has issued annual proclamations declaring the Rebbe’s Birthday as “Education and Sharing Day USA”.

When a child can’t learn – whether due to focusing or learning problems – he cannot achieve his potential, not only as a student, but as a productive and contributory participant in society.

Following the Rebbe’s lead, Maxi Mind’s goal is to help each child achieve their potential, so they can become successful participants in making the world a better place.