Helpful Resources for Parenting Kids with ADHD, Autism & Learning Disabilities

The following resources were put together to help you and your child succeed

Food & Nutrition

Healthy food for kids with adhd

What foods to cut back on and recommended supplements

Food & Nutrition

Helpful Products

Helpful products for kids with ADHD & Autism


Brain Boosting Activities

Fun activities to help give your child a brain boost.


Brain Games

Fun brain developing games great for family bonding


Great Articles From Our Blog

How Does Joy Train the Brain

Hi, I’m Dr. Arnie Gotfryd and today I want to talk about joy. You know, that happy feeling that everybody chases but nobody seems to catch. Well, most kids DO know how to have fun and in fact they’ll do almost anything for a good time. That’s great for brain trainers like us, because we use the chemistry of joy to help both stimulate and reinforce brain development in focus-challenged children.

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As a health professional and counselor who works with children but more importantly as a mother with two daughters and a son who went through your program, I give my full endorsement to the Maxi Mind program.

Ora Stebben RHN, NNCP Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Maxi Mind Mother

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