Hi, I’m Dr. Arnie Gotfryd and today I want to talk about joy. You know, that happy feeling that everybody chases but nobody seems to catch.

Well, most kids DO know how to have fun and in fact they’ll do almost anything for a good time. That’s great for brain trainers like us, because we use the chemistry of joy to help both stimulate and reinforce brain development in focus-challenged children.

Maxi Mind leverages joy in three important ways:

First, our brain-stimulating activities themselves are fun to do, so kids are motivated to do them well. That joy accelerates their brain development.

Second, the coaches provide a lot of encouragement and recognition for achievement. That joy reinforces their brain development.

Third, once the child’s behaviour starts improving ever so slightly, Maxi Mind parents are encouraged to react neutrally to failures and get excited about successes. That joy will enhance the new, improved networks while ‘starving’ out the old dysfunctional ones.

You don’t need to be a neuroscientist to get happy chemicals like endorphins and reward seeking chemicals like dopamine to do their magic.

You also don’t need to break the bank or break the rules on screen time to make them happy.

When you catch your child being good and tell him you are proud of him for what he did, that’s good enough. You’d be surprised what a powerful brain stimulant your smile really is.

If you know a focus-challenged child in the Toronto area who could use a little more happiness and success in his life, we offer a free consultation to see how the Maxi Mind Program can help.