Veronica L. signed up her 9 year old son Steve for a Maxi Mind course in the spring of 2013. Steve had been diagnosed with both ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome and had a lot of problems with attention, written language and completing tasks in general.

He was fidgety, forgetful and disorganized. Despite a supportive and positive home atmosphere, he was often anxious, lacked self-confidence, got frustrated often and would give up on things easily. He was taking 15 mg of Adderall daily to help control his symptoms.

Steve’s 3-month Maxi Mind Brain Training Course ended in August and six weeks later I followed up to find out how things were going. Here’s how Veronica responded.

Hi Arnie,

Sorry for my late response. I was waiting for the first parent-teacher interview, to give you more feedback.

We are very pleased with all the improvements we are noticing in Stefano after attending the program. About your questions –

How did he enjoy his Maxi Mind experience?
He enjoyed his sessions very much, Gila is a good trainer and very nice person. He looked forward to every session and the outcome of each was positive, as he always felt ‘in peace’ after each of them.

How is his writing?
His writing is clearer, more neat. Of course, he still can improve, but he now writes on the lines, leave spaces between words, and it is legible.

His perseverance?
He is more willing to keep trying, and not so overwhelmed by failure.

I know the ADHD symptoms are better but what about the Aspergers’?
His social skills have improved; this was also confirmed by both his teacher in class and his teacher in the after school program. They had Stefano last year with them.

Does he have a more positive attitude?
Yes, we do not see the meltdowns so often. They happen very seldom. He is also more helpful.

Is he better with sounds?
This one I need to pay more attention to. He is better with music, he likes to sing and he is picking up the music and lyrics very easily.

What about homework?
He is more committed to doing homework, work independently and finish it before getting into other tasks. This is a major change and we are very pleased about it.

And most importantly, he is off his medication  !!!!

Thank you for creating this program,