There are many different ways to treat ADHD.  When dealing with the complexity of the human body as well as the varying environments that we live in, it is not as simple as one solution fits all.  Medication, brain training, and lifestyle improvements can all have varying results based on these factors.  Many parents are hesitant to jump to medicating our children if an effective alternative option is available.  With the many potential side effects that this medication can have, it is always preferable to try and find a more natural solution for ADHD.

The best way to try and naturally improve ADHD in a child is to look at what are the major potential causes of ADHD and then find ways to counter or eliminate these causes.  While there are many claimed causes to ADHD, some are more credible than others, and should be focused on to make a larger impact on your child’s behaviour.  Here are some of the areas of focus to think about and find ways to improve:


There is a strong indication that food colouring, artificial sugar, and caffeine are strong contributors to hyper-activity.  Take a look at the family diet, especially the child with ADHD and measure the daily/weekly intake with the recommended standards. With a simple dietary change you can find a big improvement in a child’s behaviour.


Your child’s sleeping habits can also play a large role in their behaviour.  Children that are getting the appropriate hours for their age in a healthy sleeping environment will have better energy levels and less mood problems than children who don’t.  Having a regular set time and routine for going to sleep and waking up can create a consistent energy level that impacts behaviour.


Looking at your child’s “downtime” is also important for improving ADHD.  Video games, television, phone and computer screens, should be minimized while activities that are physical in nature, creative, or interactive are preferable.  Children are meant to be active, and technology has greatly decreased this.  Finding activities like puzzles, board games, or reading things of interest, are all great ways to increase focus and concentration.  These skills acquired in a fun, enjoyable format, can then be applied to school and less interesting tasks.

Love and Attention

Unfortunately one of the root causes for misbehaviour and for poor school performance is not really ADHD at all. When a child feels they are not getting enough love or attention, hyper-activity is just one of the many negative consequences. It is important to find times in the day to spend quality time with your child. By simply being a caring and loving parent, and providing an abundance of hugs and kisses, many behavioural issues disappear.

While these natural solutions can create an improvement in your child’s behaviour, it is sometimes not enough.  At Maxi Mind we have found through hundreds of real life case studies, that the best natural way to improve a child’s attention and behaviour is through a brain training program.  We believe that every child deserves the right to be able to achieve their unique potential.  For this reason we are dedicated to providing a custom ADHD solution for the best results.

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