If you have a child who has trouble paying attention in school, one of the most confusing things you have to deal with is trying to understand why.

Your typical Dad might be saying, “Hey, he’s just a kid, he’ll grow out of it… I was like that too… he’s just bored… he’s just lazy” or something like that.

Mom might be saying, “Something’s up with this kid. I have another child two years younger who can focus and learn much better… He’s been like that since he was little… He’s not trying to mess up but he’s always disorganized, late, and lost in any group activity… Nothing seems to work.”

The school may be saying, “This child probably has ADHD – you should have him assessed and he probably needs medication.”

So you go for a 5 minute appointment with your pediatrician who prescribes ADHD meds and you’re done.

Or maybe you go the fancy route: First a two-day assessment with a clinical psychologist for around $3,000 and then you get a 30 page report that says he’s got ADHD plus possibly a Learning Disability or some related disorder and THEN you go for the 5 minute appointment with your doctor who prescribes meds and THEN you’re done.

So all that gives you is a transient chemical band aid that may or may not help the focusing and learning. Then there are in-effects and the side effects, which may prove horrendous, if not immediately, then over time.

Is this the best that medicine has to offer? No, but it is standard practice.

Maxi Mind Learning offers an alternative to standard practice. We like to call it Best Practice. Scientifically developed and medically endorsed, our Brain Training Methodology has helped many hundreds of children in the Toronto area master their focus and boost their learning skills.

Whether you do or don’t have a diagnosis, whether your child does or doesn’t take medication, you will want to help your child overcome those focusing and self-regulation challenges that are getting in the way of his success at school and in life.

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