It can be extremely difficult as a parent to discover that your child has ADHD.  However, it is even more difficult and frustrating after spending time, energy, and money trying everything possible you make a shocking discovery.  The reason your child hasn’t responded to any treatments, is because the information that you were provided with was not accurate.

Your child may not have ADHD; perhaps instead he has a nonverbal learning disorder (NLD)

What is a Nonverbal Learning Disorder?

Nonverbal learning disorder (NLD or NVLD) is a collection of brain-based difficulties characterized by poor visual, spatial, and organizational skills, poor motor performance, and difficulty recognizing and processing nonverbal cues – body language, facial expression, and the nuances of conversation.

Children with NLD can have large vocabularies, outstanding memory and auditory retention, and even average to higher intelligence.  With these skills it is difficult to detect the problem as a learning disorder which is why NLD is often misdiagnosed as ADHD.

For more information on NLD you can visit which features articles, discussion groups, and information for children and adults with NLD.

Common Signs and Symptoms of NLD

To determine if your child shows signs or symptoms of NLD, you can use the following quick guide:

  • Displays remarkable memory
  • Pays attention to details
  • Strong auditory retention
  • Weak visual-spatial abilities
  • Poor organizational skills
  • Shows difficulty with inference and/or abstract reasoning
  • Rigid with logic
  • Poor mathematical reasoning
  • Inability to read nonverbal cues
  • Impaired fine motor skills

Causes of NLD in Children

The cause of NLD is currently not identified; however, the leading theories are that it is a developmental disorder that has affected the right hemisphere of the brain specifically in the area that integrates information from multiple senses simultaneously.

NLD Treatments for Children

Treating children with NLD can vary depending on the personality and strength of the learning disability.  Currently there are no medical treatments for NLD, instead developmental programs are put together and adjusted based on the child’s response to the treatment.

How Maxi Mind Can Help Children with NLD

Since NLD is a problem that is rooted in the brain, the solution needs to focus on the brain as well.  The science of neuroplasticity shows us that the brain has the ability to grow and develop if the right methods are applied.  Our brain training system is based on three primary modalities of stimulating the brain:

  1. Sensory integration exercises
  2. Engineered listening
  3. Computerized focus training using biofeedback

These activities are not only effective in treating children with nonverbal learning disorders; they are actually fun for the children as well.  To learn more about our program you can visit – What is Brain Training.

Take our free evaluation to discover if your child has ADHD or a learning disorder.  If you would like to get more personal questions answered get a free consultation today.

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