Shalom aleichem.

The school year is just around the corner, so this is a very timely message – specifically for parents with children at LEC in North Miami Beach – and most specifically children that struggle… with learning… with focus… with staying organized, and with self-control.

Now that could be 1 child in 10, 1 in 5, 1 in 3.. some people think it’s ALL kids today. Whatever the number, the point is I’m here to offer some help.

I’m Aryeh Gotfryd and I’m an accidental expert in applied neuroplasticity.   I started by helping my child, and then other Anash children in Thornhill Canada where I live.

Then when I saw how incredibly successful these techniques were, I formalized my Maxi Mind methodology and created a company to help the general public.

Now it’s 12 years and 1200 kids later.   I’ve got a staff of 30 helping children in and around Toronto every day and I love it. The Canadian operations of Maxi Mind pretty much take care of themselves and that leaves me free to pursue my passion, and that is to focus on how I can help Jewish children.

Like many Canadians, Leah and I are transitioning to Florida, so it was only natural that I should reach out first to Lubavitcher mosdos, and foremost among them, LEC.

BH when I came to visit the first time before Purim, I got a very warm welcome from the LEC hanhala, from teachers, from NMB parents, from Rabbonim, from balabatim.   I was and I still am very encouraged.

At this time, I am very pleased to announce that arrangements have been made to offer Maxi Mind therapy at LEC for the coming school year.

This therapy is very different than other things you’ve seen.   Kids are doing things like standing on an adjustable balance board, hitting a pendulum ball with a motor control stick over targets, while listening to engineered music through bone conduction headphones.   They control a computer with their mind, space in you win – space out you lose.   It’s a whole focus through fun program.   The kids love it.

I didn’t invent anything here.   I’m just a sophisticated shopper.   I scoured the neurodevelopmental landscape and collected the best technologies that are scientifically developed, medically endorsed, user friendly, widely used for a long time, highly effective and fun to do for kids.

I hire as coaches, great educators with hearts of gold, nerves of steel, brains of silk and wings on their feet so they can keep up with the kids they help. Well, that’s what I’m aiming for anyway.

I hired three of those to work this fall in NMB, one in the community in the evenings, and two post-sem girls for LEC during the weekdays.

If all goes well we will have room for 40 children in the Maxi Mind program: 20 in the fall semester and 20 in the spring semester. Each child that registers will get one-on-one 50-minute sessions, twice a week for a semester.

Sessions will take place in our Maxi Mind Therapy bus (courtesy of Reb Shmuli Andrusier – yasher koiach to him!) I work with the coaches and the coaches work with your child.

Each child gets a customized and individualized therapeutic protocol developed by me personally. You will get a message from the coach following each session, and separately scheduled progress meetings both mid and post-course

Each course is backed up by the Maxi Mind Learning team in Toronto, but I personally take responsibility for everything Maxi Mind does so after the coach, I will be your primary contact.

One of the most beautiful things about this line of work is that because it’s non-medicinal and non-invasive, it doesn’t tamper with your child’s health or personality, it just helps him channel his energy.

The neural pathways that Maxi Mind Learning helps to build, are typically lifelong connections, that enable more mature performance in every area, whether academic, behavioral or social.

I  am very grateful to the hanhala of LEC for allowing this program to take place in the school.   You have a number of advantages here.

For example, in Canada, the way it works is you need to drive back and forth to a coach’s house, twice a week for several months but here, it happens seamlessly in the school day, and that’s a great benefit to both the child and their families.

Another advantage you have is that here in Florida you have access to the Gardiner Scholarship Step Up for Students, which is applicable to our services within LEC.

If all this sounds interesting, just fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you for a confidential consultation about your child’s needs and how this may work for you.

I very much look forward to hearing from you and working together to give your child their best year ever.. with a course of Maxi Mind Learning at LEC.

So please.. fill out the form.. and let’s talk.  Moshiach Now!