First, there are the suspicions that your child is “different”. And that can lead to denial.

Then your suspicions are confirmed with a diagnosis of ADHD. And that can raise questions and confusion.

Now, faced with challenges you never expected, you often get frustrated and desperate. And that can cause you to doubt yourself as a parent.

Nobody told you there would be days like these.

It might be easier said than done, but you can’t let the denial, confusion and doubt get you down. The best way to handle them all, and your child’s ADHD, is to take action. And that takes guts.

  1. Separate the Excuses from the Real Challenges – Excuses are easy to make and sometimes difficult to identify. Your child isn’t just being rambunctious. Just like with any other challenge, your child needs to learn ways to manage his ADHD. He needs your help, not excuses.
  2. Openly Communicate With Others in His Life – Talk to teachers, doctors and family members. Not just to make them aware of your child’s condition, but to enter into an ongoing two-way conversation. You need their input.
  3. Trust Your Instinct – You knew something was wrong before anyone else. You know your child better than anyone else. You know the triggers, both for the symptoms and the moments of clarity. Even though you need their help, that doesn’t mean that anyone’s advice should be followed blindly. In fact, that’s another excuse. Take it all in and trust your instinct. Following your heart might be the most courageous thing you do as an ADHD parent.
  4. Have Patience & Empathy – How many times have you been told to be patient with your ADHD child? But don’t confuse patience with compliance or being too lenient. Your child depends on you and needs your guidance and understanding. You are his ally, perhaps his only one.
  5. Leave No Stone Unturned – Look for programs or resources offered by your school board, healthcare facilities or municipality. Learn as much as you can about current ADHD research. Seek out the reasons behind the facts, like why the incidence of ADHD among school–aged children is 1800% higher in the United States than it is in France (.5% versus 9%). Keep searching.

If you would like to learn more about a powerful, safe, effective and drug-free approach to control or even eliminate ADHD symptoms. Call Maxi Mind Learning Centres at 416-858-9868 today for a free initial consultation. A Maxi Mind solution can be customized to suit your child’s needs and your family’s budget.