Today I’d like to talk about Joseph. He’s in Grade 4; he’s got ADHD… and autism. When Joseph first came to Maxi Mind, he couldn’t read, he had virtually no social skills, and at 9 years of age, he had already been in and out of 8 different schools.

What’s the outlook for kids like Joseph… kids that have ADHD?

Stats from Health Canada and other official sources paint a grim picture.

Fully 1/3 of them do not complete school

At least 1/2 seriously abuse drugs or alcohol

And when they drive, watch out. They have triple risk of crashing a car.

So what do you do? The standard answer is … medicate.

But when you do that, the ineffects and the side effects are generally intolerable.

Health Canada says there are 1800 different meds prescribed annually to children. All meds may have side effects, but of the 3 very worst ones with side effects – two are drugs for ADHD.

Joseph’s parents were looking for an alternative. We gave him a Maxi Mind Brain Training Course and although he still needs support, his improvement was dramatic.

After just 3 months of Maxi Mind, he was able to read and write … in two languages! He started making AND keeping friends. He spent the next 3 years successfully at the same school and today he’s getting himself ready for high school.

It’s because of clients like Joseph that all of us at Maxi Mind get such great satisfaction from going to work each day.

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