If you are reading this, chances are you are worried about a child with focusing and learning issues. You are looking for answers, advice, some insight that will help overcome problems that are getting in the way of his or her success at school and at home as well.

You’ve come to the right place. I’ll share with you insights gleaned from 300 Maxi Mind cases, as well as my decades working in the sciences and teaching in the classroom. But my biggest credential is as a fellow parent who really understands what you are going through.

To start, let’s tackle three big myths about why these children are floundering.

Lesson #1. It’s Not a Parenting Problem – It’s natural for parents to blame themselves for their child’s failure to thrive like other kids. It may be natural, but it’s wrong. Focusing and learning issues typically have nothing to do with bad parenting. The same ‘good enough’ parenting that raises normal kids, raises kids with special needs too. Sure, better parenting gets better outcomes. But it can’t cure ADHD or a Learning Disability.

Lesson #2. Don’t Blame the School – Whatever you think about the school system, and I’m no great fan either, most kids can learn in the classroom. Yes we need accommodations and IEP’s. Yes we need better teacher training. Yes we need bigger budgets and smaller classrooms. But the sad truth is that when your child leaves school, his symptoms will continue to haunt him behind the wheel of a car, at work, and in relationships.

Lesson #3. Doctors Can’t Help You – I’m sure 99% of us have asked a pediatrician or family physician for help at some point, and that makes sense. We trust them with flus and broken bones, why not with this, too? The problem is, all you will get from your doctor is a pill, and those meds are at best a mixed blessing and at worst, a disaster. Besides, once they wear off you are back to square one, or rather minus one because of side effects.

Drugs can’t cure ADHD or Learning Disabilities because they not really medical conditions. Nor are they psychological conditions or didactic failures and that’s why parenting, counseling and schools can’t fix them.

The root of the problem is development – it’s all about the wiring in the brain.

Amazing improvements in brain imaging techniques have revealed many differences between the brains of ‘neurotypicals’ and those with ADHD.

Typical ADHD children has fewer connections and less activity in the frontal lobes, between the hemispheres and in the cerebellum. They also have a signature brain wave pattern that is shifted to lower frequencies.

Those other methods don’t address brain states so problems persist regardless.

The Maxi Mind Brain Training SystemTM actually strengthens connections in the brain, and that helps kids master their focus and boost their academic skills.

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