Which of these statements is not like the other: “change your shoes”; “change the channel”; “change the furnace filter”; “change your mind”?

When you do the first three, you literally put on a different pair of shoes, tune in a different program or use a different filter.

But when you change your mind, you don’t swap your mind for another one. You really just change your thoughts, emotions, opinions, etc.. Yes, they all exist in your mind, but when you change them, your mind remains the same.

So, “change your mind” is more of a figure of speech, because it’s impossible to literally change it. Right?


Brain Training

Neuropolasticity, or the ability to train the brain to grow – and change – by building new connections and neural pathways where none existed, means you can literally “change your mind”.

Minds that couldn’t get a finger to move after a brain injury can be trained to shift that function to another, undamaged part of the brain.

Minds with learning difficulties can be trained to reverse the dysfunction and build stronger cognition and memory.

Change Your Mind

Neuroplasticity means you can change your mind about how to treat children’s ADHD. You don’t have to medicate your children, or treat their symptoms with chemicals that only work temporarily, if at all, and often with worrisome side-effects.

Through a focused activity-based program, neuroplasticity and brain training mean your child can learn to manage or get rid of ADHD symptoms. Healthily. Effectively. Permanently. And drug-free.

Make the change. Find out more about this powerful and safe approach to help control or even eliminate ADHD symptoms. Call Maxi Mind Learning Centres at 416-858-9868 or Contact Us  today for a free initial consultation. A Maxi Mind solution can be customized to suit your child’s needs and your family’s budget.