As a doctor that works with ADHD children, I’ve spoken to thousands of parents about their children and their problems with focusing and learning.

One of the key questions I like to ask is “What is your child really good at.” That usually gets me a confused and puzzled look, but after a bit, they get right into it and I find out amazing things

For example, a lot of ADHD-type kids have incredible artistic skill, or they have an astounding memory for people and places they’ve been, or they have a great sense of humor, or they’re master story tellers, or they have boundless energy.

How is it that a kid that can build a skyscraper but can’t put 3 bricks together? They may have vision and drive, but they may not have good executive functions.

It has a lot to do with brain balance – visual/spatial skills are more in the right brain. Language and logic are more on the left.

Kids with ADHD, Autism or Learning Disabilities typically have poor connectivity between the hemispheres. Maxi Mind Learning’s Brain Training Courses boost the connectivity between the hemispheres which is one of the ways we help unlock your child’s inner genius.

There’s one more point I’d like to share – As parents we tend to be interested in solving a problem, kids are more interested in pursuing their passion.

Take Gabe for example – his parents were thrilled about his academic improvements, but Gabe was excited about being able to keep his eye on the ball at recess.

Or 16-year-old Lee: Maxi Mind not only opened him up to book learning, his artistic skill improved so much, that he has actually been paid to illustrate a book for a commercial publisher.

If you’re in the Toronto area we may be able to help your child unlock his inner genius.  Get a free consultation and you can learn how.