At Maxi Mind, we are blessed to have a friend and colleague like Jonathan Alderson. Before we even knew he existed, Jonathan started sending us clients, parents of kids diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Jonathan is a Harvard Educator who has worked with over 2,000 children and families touched by autism. He’s written a must-read award-winning book, called Challenging the Myths of Autism, published by Collins.

Jonathan Alderson likes Maxi Mind’s multi-modal approach and recognizes the value of our sensory integration therapy as a key element for helping kids on the spectrum improve their language and social skills.

One of the myths that Jonathan challenges is the Myth of the “Five Year Window” the belief that once they turn five, children on the spectrum lose their chance to change.

Eight-year-old Tony was referred to us by Jonathan because of his inability to socialize and communicate verbally beyond echolalia and some single words. Tony’s parents live far from Toronto so we had to work remotely. We taught Tony’s mom our methodology, loaded her up with technology and training, and assigned her a coach to provide remote support.

Between the music, the movement and the biofeedback, things started to evolve. Within two months, we achieved together what five years of therapy could not achieve. Tony started to talk! But real conversation. Neighbours, relatives, teachers, everyone noticed the change and his social and academic life started to flourish.

Maxi Mind Brain Training™ capitalizes on the new science of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change itself, in order to effectively address the root causes Autism. Not only are there no negative side effects, it’s actually fun for your child during the process.

If you have a child like Tony and live in the Greater Toronto Area, then the Maxi Mind Program is a great way to see lasting results.

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