Are you a parent of an ADHD child? Then you’re probably tired of getting unsolicited advice from friends, other parents, or well-intentioned family members. Here’s a list of the top 10 things parents of ADHD children are tired of hearing:

10. “It’s hard NOT to be distracted these days” 

While it’s easy to get distracted by everything from television and social media to pets,  and hobbies, children with ADHD simply can’t shut off these distractions. You might be procrastinating on certain tasks or knowingly wasting time on more fun tasks, but a child with ADHD can’t always turn off the outside stimuli and distractions and focus on the task at hand.

9. “I was also hyperactive at his age”

Hyperactivity and ADHD are two very different things. While all kids are prone to acting out at times, a child with ADHD is not the same thing as having a child with a lot of energy.

8. “He’ll grow out of it”

ADHD can be managed and controlled, but it’s not a phase that will pass after a certain age is reached or after puberty. Children with ADHD need long-term coping and managing strategies. It’s not something that the child will outgrow.

7. “He just needs to learn to pay attention better”

There are certain habits that all children can learn, but teaching an ADHD child to focus or pay attention isn’t the same as teaching a child without ADHD to focus and sit still for a certain period of time.

6. “He just has to try harder”

This suggestion is usually met with a feeling of helplessness among parents. Children with ADHD try very hard to complete complex tasks and it is difficult to watch them struggle to complete a task that another child can do easily.

5. “He just needs to find something he’s passionate about”

People often confuse ADHD with boredom or restlessness in children. A neurotypical child can buckle down and focus on a task that doesn’t interest him, while a child with ADHD can’t. This lack of focus can lead to symptoms of ADHD being more pronounced, but it doesn’t mean that boredom is the problem.

4. “You need to discipline him better”

ADHD can be confused with misbehavior, because to the layman it can look like disobedience. Discipline, however, isn’t the answer to the problem.

3. “He needs a better routine”

All kids need a proper routine and this is even more important to children with ADHD, but it’s not the magic solution to cure ADHD.

2. “Just medicate him!”

ADHD medicine is often misunderstood as the best solution, with people thinking that Ritalin or other popular ADHD medicine makes the problem go away. Ignoring the side effects and long term issues that are possible, should make us all pause and try to think what is the best thing that we can do for our child.

1. “Will he ever have a normal life?”

Many children with ADHD become very successful in their careers and personal lives. ADHD isn’t a life-threatening illness and with the right treatment, can be well managed.

If you are a parent of an ADHD child and are tired of hearing these or other statements, please share some of the annoying things that you’ve been told in the comments below.

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