How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? We all make them, and most of us break them before too long.

If you face the challenge of parenting a child with ADHD, you have the chance to make the most important resolution of all: a re-commitment to helping your child lead as normal a life as possible.

But how? You already do so much and sometimes feel at the end of your rope.

It’s at the end of the rope that the following ideas can help the most.

  1. Always Be Learning and Looking for New Answers – The more you know about ADHD, the more you’ll be able to help your child. There is always new research and information being published. While they are important, if you only rely on the opinions of doctors, family support groups or friends, you’ll limit the possibilities for understanding and helping your child. Keep looking for answers everywhere.
  2. Look at the World Through Your Child’s Eyes – Looking at things as your child sees them gives you a new level of understanding of how he is affected by and reacts to different situations, experiences and events. And then you can help him to better cope and adjust to all of them.
  3. Be the Role Model You Would Like to Have – Hyperactive doesn’t mean unaware. Your children learn a lot just by watching how you react and how you deal with different situations. By being more conscious of your words and actions and how they might be perceived by your children, you help them learn to deal with issues (and you’ll probably learn quite a bit about yourself too!)
  4. A Healthy Body – You know that complete health and wellness involves both the mind and body. The busy minds of ADHD children benefit more than most from being outside, getting regular exercise and participating in sports or other physical activities. But don’t just sign him up for things. Get out there with him.

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