By Jennifer D. – a Maxi Mind mom.

Here is a thought for those parents out there who are looking to build up their special kid, while the world keeps finding ways of beating them down.

I feel like I’m always telling my son what to do and what not to do. I thought to myself if I were him how would I feel? So I wanted him to know how much I appreciated the things he did well. Although I usually thank him verbally, I had the sense that it wasn’t really sinking into him. I thought that if I wrote it out he would process it better and internalize it more, and if I wrote in a nice little note book he could also reread it when he gets older.

When I do write, he really responds well to it and it can turn his spirits around entirely. I’m going to get back to writing in it everyday. I like to leave it at the breakfast table so that he can read it in the morning and feel good for the day to come.


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