The scene is repeated in countless movies and TV shows. Set in the executive suite of a huge multinational corporation, a high-powered corporate leader rules over a roost of assistants, secretaries and sundry other helpers.

Do you ever wonder what all those people do? In real life, most senior executives have at least two people to help carry out his or her daily job functions.

The Prime Minister has so many assistants that he needs a Chief of Staff and two Deputy Chiefs of Staff to manage them all.

Why do executives need so much help to do their work? With responsibility for everything a company does, corporate leaders are very busy. They are constantly thinking and they make hundreds of important decisions every day.

Children with ADHD are Like Business Leaders

ADHD children are always thinking. Their minds never stop. They make as many decisions in a day as the highest-powered executive. And, as any of their parents will attest, they are very busy people. Yes, they are busy with kid things, but the fact is their minds are SO much busier than those of their peers.

What Executives Have that Children with ADHD Don’t: Imagine the Prime Minister without help from his assistants. He would be scrambling like crazy to get everything done. He would be jumping from one task to another, seemingly at random, as if he had a short attention span. And, unable to get everything done, he’d probably be very frustrated with himself and angry with those around him.

Sound familiar? The Prime Minister and corporate executives have people to help them make decisions, to manage their time, to tell them what to focus on next. But a child with ADHD doesn’t.

Be Your Child’s Executive Assistant

By working with your child to help him manage everything going on in his head, all the inputs he receives and all the decisions he feels compelled to make, you also help him deal with his ADHD symptoms. Many of the same techniques executive assistants use can also help focus your child’s attention and energies:

  • Set daily schedules for activities and chores
  • Offer regular, gentle reminders for each one
  • Minimize distractions like television
  • Be patient
  • Use technology like smartphones to help keep track of schedules and reminders

To learn about an even more powerful, yet safe, effective, drug-free approach to help your child control or even eliminate his ADHD symptoms, please call Maxi Mind Learning Centres at 416-858-9868 for a free initial consultation. A Maxi Mind solution can be customized to suit your child’s needs and your family’s budget.