As an ADHD clinic in Toronto, we often get asked – does my child have ADHD?

While ADHD is a very complex developmental disorder that requires a proper thorough assessment, here are 7 signs that you can look out for to determine if further evaluation is required.

1. Easily Distracted

ADHD children have difficulty with focus and concentration.  Paying attention in class or during activities where they are not directly or personally being engaged is challenging.  A child that constantly loses focus and needs redirection may have ADHD.

2. Can’t Stay Still

Similarly to their mind having difficulty with concentration, their body also has trouble with stillness.  This is expressed with constant fidgeting of the hands or feet.  While there are lots of children that are just energetic and active, in a child that can’t stay still for even short periods of time ADHD may be a factor.

3. Leaves Tasks Unfinished

Another potential expression of ADHD and hyper activity is a child that continuously leaves tasks unfinished.  Infants find it difficult to stay with one task till completion.  However, as children develop and mature they get pleasure in completing or concluding a task.  When a child is incapable of sticking with a single task to receive either external or internal gratification, then ADHD should be considered.

4. Emotional Roller Coaster

Children with ADHD find it difficult to maintain balance in their emotional state.  When a child has constant outbursts of anger, frustration, lack of patience, or other expressions of irritation, it could be caused by ADHD.  A point to note is that most children are not in full control of their emotions, especially when they are either hungry or tired.  What you are looking for is lack of emotional control that seems extreme when compared to other children their age.

5. I Focused

Children that show an inability to understand or include their peers needs and desires may have ADHD.  Always being focused on themselves in social interactions displays a possible developmental issue that can be rooted in ADHD.  This can also show up in a child having difficulty waiting their turn for activities or are constantly interrupting others when they are speaking.

6. Frequently Makes Careless Mistakes

A common misconception is that ADHD children are lazy.  Typically they are not lazy; however, as mentioned above they have an inability to focus or concentrate sometimes even for short periods of time.  Another expression of this comes in the form of making frequent careless mistakes in their work either caused by not completely listening to instructions while performing the task.  If your child is making mistakes in areas that you know is below their intelligence, it could be a sign of ADHD.

7. Difficulty with Order and Cleanliness

ADHD children are always physically and mentally on the go.  Jumping from task to task can also result in a lack of cleanliness or order.  Kids, especially boys, can enjoy being messy or too carefree to want to clean up after themselves.  Excessive mess or lack of order should be looked into further as a possible sign of ADHD.

How our ADHD clinic in Toronto helps ADHD children

Please remember that the signs listed above are only indicators that your child may have ADHD.  It is possible for your child to in your opinion display many of these factors and yet still not struggle with ADHD, or to have very few if any of them yet have other developmental challenges caused by ADHD.  A proper assessment by a trained professional is the best way to ensure that you have the right information regarding your individual child.

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