And Small Changes to Help Make it Happen

An ADHD clinic in Toronto advises: Human beings thrive on routine.  Every task that we perform causes us to extend energy.  Our brains function more efficiently when processing familiar events that recur regularly. That leaves plenty of brainspace for understanding and enjoying new experiences. It’s all part of learning.  Which is why it is so important for us try to build and reinforce positive routines in our daily lives.

Just like we thrive on routine, children also benefit from a structured routine in their life.  They know what to expect and more importantly what is expected of them. Whether we are aware of it or not, our children are picking up habits and routines all the time.  If we are not consciously creating positive routines, then we are most likely providing them with negative ones.

The Extra Benefit of Routine for ADHD Children

While all children benefit from an appropriate routine, there are some added bonuses for children with ADHD.

  1. ADHD children are more active and need more attention. The routine helps you know what to do next with them, rather than having to spend time trying to figure it out.
  2. The routine is also a way to give them that attention and show them how much you care about them.
  3. Routines help build discipline that can then be applied to attention and focus which are typically lower with kids that have ADHD.
  4. When your child sees that they have the ability to be successful, it will encourage them to continue to grow and try harder.

How to Build a Proper Routine for ADHD children

Building a proper routine in our children requires our personal attention. Typically, parents don’t want to have to monitor and control every aspect of their child’s life.  Finding the time or energy to do this can be difficult.  The key to remember is that creating a routine is not planning every second of your child’s day, but rather focusing on specific areas or times that your child will benefit most.

The best situations to start with a routine are the times that have more stress and seem to cause the most problems. For most parents these times include: waking up, doing homework, and bedtime.  There are many others times that a routine could be enforced; however these times are critical for a successful day.  Don’t expect to enforce more than one routine per day on your child.  After they are consistently doing one, you can then move on to the next.

To create a routine during these times you have to:

  1. Think about what the goal is for this allotted time.
  2. Break down the goal into small easy to do steps.
  3. Write down these steps and go over them with your child, have them say them back to you so they understand the routine and more importantly why it’s good for them.
  4. Create a game out of it that tracks and rewards for successfully going through the routine.
  5. Make adjustments based on the results that you are getting from your child.

A good routine will help teach your child how to be successful in life in a fun achievable way.

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